Short Codes are the easiest way businesses can send and receive SMS at scale. With a default base rate of 40 SMS per second (higher rates available upon request), PromotionKart’s Short Code service is perfect for time sensitive info that need to reach huge audiences. Also, unlike regular phone numbers, Short Codes are not tied to an area code and can be used as an easy to remember unique identifier across the entire country.
Short codes and long codes for SMS communication both offer certain advantages to businesses. Both types of codes may be utilized as part of an SMS marketing strategy. Short codes are five or six-digit codes that customers type into their mobile phones in order to initiate contact with a business. For instance, if a company is offering a consumer poll with three possible responses, each response may have its own attached short code number. Consumers will choose their response and then send a text message to the code that matches their response. The company then has their information and can, depending on customer preferences, send marketing materials to the customer via SMS. Long codes, on the other hand, are the same length as a traditional telephone number. While long codes are not as memorable for marketing purposes, they do have some advantages in terms of functionality and cost.

Features and Benefits of SMS Short Code Services

  • A free auto-response message for all incoming messages.
  • Unlimited sub keywords.
  • Get dedicated short codes and create unlimited Keywords using an easy to use control panel.
  • 24×7 technical support.
  • Integrate shortcode with applications through our APIs.
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting
  • Tracking and reporting of each enquiry sent by end user
  • Globally accessible for international companies & events.

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