Branding goes beyond the logo; what image do you want your company to project into the world? What is your business’ personality? What is your core message? How will your customers perceive and interact with your brand? Why should people listen to what you have to say? What do customers experience when they walk in the front door of your shop? What words are synonymous with your business’ identity?

A great brand combines design, messaging, and strategy to evoke emotion and convey the value of your company to those inside and outside the organization. When a company thoughtfully balances these elements, the value of the brand is reinforced in everything else the company does, driving marketing performance.

We understand the essential elements to comprehensively capture your essence, so you can reach your key audiences. We do it all: logo design, naming, domain acquisition, messaging, and competitive positioning.

Branding Strategy

One of the most difficult, but most important, aspects of your business is to create a strong brand that will be the foundation of your company. PromotionKart will help you paint the picture of what customers will see in your brand. We work with you to determine your brand promise, mission statement, products and services, as well as the target audiences to which they will appeal.

Company Logo

Discovering what your customers want and need, and how they behave is an important tool used to market products accurately and increase sales. PromotionKart will help determine to whom you should be targeting by analyzing your specific market.

Market Research

The right corporate logo and identity should enhance recognition of your company and your brand. Based on your business type and personality PromotionKart will custom design a company logo that is easily distinguishable among competitors but also functional to fit within the parameters of other corporate material.

What Customers Says?